lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

Are you ready to read minds? or share your thinking?

Your mind creates many thoughts in a split second, sometimes for many different things, and while doing that, you can achieve the solution of an old problem and also it's coordinating your body to perform a specific activity, and in the meantime it's thinking about a future event waiting to happen. And this is not affecting the 100% of its capacity. Even the owner of the brain is not able to completely isolate all their thoughts at a particular time. So what of all of these thoughts will come to read a "mind reader?"
What place of the mind to initiate the mind reading? Our present mental capacity is unable to understand it.
And while humans continue fighting to subdue the earth without thinking about the universe, we are limited to live here "locally".
Now in this age of information is easy to travel the world through its news, the term "universal" can not be applied to anything that exists in our land. We are all here on earth, so "we are all local".
The earth compared to the universe is very small, then, why the leaders are bent on wanting to dominate this piece so small, instead of thinking on fixing this piece to be a springboard to the real universe?
If we could look at the earth with a magnifying glass, like looking at an ant colony, we would be very proud to see these humans so creative, everything they have been creating, but we would also be very embarrassed by all the wars and injustices they committed .
If we could see the earth that way, We would be waiting that humans become organized and work together in harmony so that they were able to understand the nature and go out of the land that surrounds them and they can get far enough away. We would be gladly to welcome them for being able to work together and create a way out of the land where they had secured a tomb for over 2012 years.

Will we learn to live in harmony and catapult our beloved land to be a "port" that allows us to travel outside to the universe instead of keep it as our grave?
Why this world's leaders dont work together to help us to evolve, don't they see that we are already consuming all available resources? If we ascend to the universe, we are going to be a few, we will need to work together, the world would be a single state.
We now have all the bases necessary to do so, we have the technology, we have communications, we just need a leader, a real one. Someone honest that help us to understand that everything in this world not intended to keep us alive is not worth.
There are a few people with the proper resources (money), this kind of live is not working,  We need to evolve and this means, work together for a better future, walk the same path. Anyone?

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