miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2012

Windows Phone 7 y 8

Windows Phone 7
There is a huge fight between software providers trying to get the most quantity of end users. Iphone seems to be the leader up to now, but the reality is that Android is the first one in sales, in order: Android, Apple iOS, Symbian, RIM BlackBerry, Bada and Windows Phone.
The daily efforrts performed by these companies trying to get new users, has generated the best scenario for us, the end users. We have enough smartphones in the market to choose from.
Windows phone is not so known as iphone or android. But it's getting better everyday. Now with Windows 8 the interaction between phone and pc is really easy. Since my first time using a Windows phone 7 I found exactly what I was expecting from a smartphone. I heard so many people talking about the huge amount of applications present for iphone or android, let me tell you that you never will use all of that, you normally will download between 5 or 10 apps each week the first 3 months, after that you won't be doing the same because of not enough space in the phone or just this became bored activity.
Windows phone has a really big amount of apps too and guess what, exactly the same, it isn't possible for us download each one of them, you just will download exactly what we need and nothing else.
So the decision is yours, for me the Windows phone is the best.
Windows Phone 8

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